About Us

Who We Are

Citizens for Clean Water (C4CW) is a non-profit organization based out of Stuart, Florida. The organization was founded by a group of surfers in 2013 when their local waterways were plagued by pollution from high bacteria.  The following years continued with toxic blue-green algae blooms, which contained a bacteria that poses a human health risk and kills marine life. They protested the local government to do something about the poor water quality. After years of empowering the community and working together to promote change, the state finally passed a bill to help fix the man-made problem causing the blooms.

C4CW’s objective is to bring awareness to water quality issues all over the world. Our organization spreads the message of how vital having clean water is, how water quality is affected by man, and how important each of us are in being a voice for the environment. Since 2013, we have held community events all over the state, including beach clean-ups, educational socials, water-related activities, and rallies. We attend legislation meetings, update our website and social media, and promote a clean water lifestyle by teaching people how they can be a citizen for clean water.

As our organization grows, we are stepping to a new phase with exciting new goals. Another mission we are taking on is starting a series of mini documentaries, bringing awareness to other water-related crises, interviewing the people affected by it and finding out what is being done about it. We have always believed that the first step to finding a solution is informing people of the problem and presenting ways we can work together to create a movement for change.

C4CW is a 501c3 charitable organization that works to educate the public by hosting educational events and establishing a presence in communities for clean water. We create materials like flyers, stickers, literature pamphlets, apparel, and coloring books to spread the clean water message. Since we are a non-profit, it takes donations to be able to produce these elements. Your contributions to C4CW go right back out to where these products are needed. If you’d like to be apart of the cause through giving, please click here. C4CW is also always happy to have volunteers at our events and encourages anyone who has ideas for the mini doc series, water quality solutions, or comments in general to contact us here.