Silicone Travel Lid


All SiliPint products are made from environmentally friendly materials, they are also BPA free, and lifetime guaranteed through SiliPint.

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You use your Silipint all the dang time, and that’s great. But, you know what? Out in your active, fun-focused world, there are bouncy roads, bugs, and pick-up baseball games. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Literally. JUST IN: Our new silicone Travel Lids fit four sizes of Silipints: 16 oz Pint, 14 oz Wine, 12 oz Base and 8 oz Half Pint.

Packed with features, this unique lid works for hot and cold drinks, is durable enough to take anywhere and keeps your beverages safely contained. We designed a plug to fill the sip hole and it’ll even accommodate a straw. Simply place the lid on the top of your Silipint and tuck the edges in or around the outside of the rim. Using friction created from silicone against silicone, our Travel Lid fits snugly and securely to reduce leaks and spills. Silipint silicone travel lids keep bugs and dirt out and your favorite beverage in.

16 oz Pint: Press-in lid fits snugly and flush to the top rim of the pint. We’re talking secure beverages on the river, next to the BBQ and chasing after the kids.

14 oz Wine: You guys. Wine at the beach, on a boat or a bike without spilling. Essentially, we just made a super high-class, unbreakable wine sippy cup.

12 oz Base: Tumbler-sized travel cup keeps coffee hot and frosty drinks cold while fitting in most cup holders in a fabulously new, spill-proof way.

8 oz Half-Pint: What was a terrific size for little hands is now a cheerful, gender-neutral, BPA-free, kid-proof sippy cup the kids will go bonkers for.